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Love animals, nature & being outside?

Jobs in this field focus on working with agriculture or other natural resources. You might work on a farm, caring for crops or animals. You could work in landscaping, forestry or food science, agribusiness, water conservation, and even fighting wildfires.


Turn your love of airplanes into a career.

If you dream of hitting the skies, you can do it for a living, whether it’s in the pilot’s seat or on the ground. Careers in aviation include many options like piloting, maintenance and electronics.

Business & Finance

Taking care of business.

You’re a go-getter and like to make things happen. Explore careers in business! These jobs make sure businesses of all types run smoothly and efficiently. Business careers offer options for many personalities. You might work in human resources, or in an administrative position. You might even start your own business as an entrepreneur.


Build yourself a rewarding career.

If you love hands-on work and seeing the results of your labor, a career in construction could be for you. You might be involved in the design stage, creating plans for a home or building. Or you could help build structures, work as an electrician or a plumber, or plan and oversee projects as a construction manager.

Culinary & Hospitality

Feed your passion for food!

Love food and entertaining? Consider a career in the fast-paced culinary and hospitality field. Hospitality jobs could include hotel manager, meeting planner or tour coordinator. Culinary Arts careers include jobs like cook, pastry chef and restaurant manager.

Engineering Technologies

Have a curious mind?

Do you love finding creative, practical solutions? Engineering Technologies careers appeal to people who are enthusiastic learners, natural observers and good problem-solvers. Your studies may focus on electricity/electronics, automation, robotics or mechanical design.

Health Science

You can make a difference.

Do you love caring for others? Perhaps you're fascinated by how the human body works, or are interested in health and nutrition. Jobs in healthcare focus on promoting health and wellness. Some careers involve working directly with people, while other careers deal with the research, technical and administrative sides of health.

Human Services

You want to make the world a better place.

You have a big heart, and love helping others. You are driven to do good in the world, and make a difference. Jobs in Human Services often involve teaching, counseling or caring for others. These careers are all about improving the quality of life for others.

Information Technology

Love all things tech?

Do your friends and family come to you when they have problems with their laptops or phones? Got ideas for the next must-have app? A career in IT may be for you.


Love taking things apart and putting them back together?

If you like hands-on projects, and are good at solving problems, consider a career in manufacturing. Jobs in this field focus on all the steps of preparing materials to create products, including product design, managing people, and running the machinery.

Marketing, Sales & Service

You know what’s trending.

You're a leader who can convince your friends to do anything. Maybe you love being creative and have an eye for design. If this sounds familiar, check out the careers in Marketing, Sales & Service.

Public Safety

You want to help others, even if it means taking risks.

You’re honest, trustworthy and love working as a team. You want to do the right thing and protect people who who can't protect themselves. If this sounds like you, consider a career in Public Safety. This field might include law enforcement, forensic science, firefighting or emergency medical services.


Think fast.

Interested in cars, trucks or anything on wheels? Like working with your hands? Or maybe you’re good with computers and electronics, and enjoy highly detailed work requiring quick thinking and creativity. Check out careers in automotive, diesel technology or truck driving.

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